Nature and culture are prime attractions of Indonesian tourism. The former can boast a unique combination of a tropical climate, a vast archipelago, and a long stretch of beaches, and the latter complement those with a rich cultural heritage reflecting Indonesia’s dynamic history and ethnic diversity.

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Term & Conditions

  1. The services are opened every day 24 hours and all communication (Via email, Whatsapp, Phone Call, SMS) and the order process will be responded as good as possibleSMS) and the order process will be responded as good as possible.
  2. Booking Services
    • Reservations can be made by Booking Online via the Booking, Email, SMS, Phone Call form.
    • When placing an order, make sure the data you send is correct, starting from Name, Date, Time, Contact No, Email Address, Number of Participants.
  3. Payment method.
    • Down Payment is 20% of the total cost for each reservation / booking.
    • Down Payment is made after your reservation is confirmed by our team.
    • To transfer for Down Payment is made through Bank Account Transfer, Paypal Account and Account Information will be provided after you make a reservation.
    • After you make a Down Payment, please confirm payment Via Email, Whatsapp Number with Proof of Transfer.
    • The Balance of payment is done in case at meeting point of pick-up tour by our team
  4. Cancellation policy
    If in any cases you really need to cancel your booking, please write us back and please note that we will be trying to persuade you to reschedule your trip. Basically we don’t want to charge you any cancellation fee.however, it may apply for individual service supplied by our partners or other third parties under their term and condition.
  5. Travel insurance
    We always assumed good things are happening to our trip. However , we would advise you to cover your trip with cancellation insurance cost, luggage, accident, liability as well as health insurancel ( illnes, death,medical evacuation ) because it is not include in the cost of our service.
  6. Special Request
    If you have special request please feel free to contact our customer service.
  7. Pick up or Drop off destination.
    Make sure the place off pick up or drop off for your destination because some off our tour package need additional cost.
  8. Additional cost
    Additional cost in our tour package approximately $10-$25 depend from areas.
  9. Tour package
    Price list in this tour package need minimum 2 traveler. more than 2 traveler?? Please check on tour location in our menu or you can send me (Via email, Whatsapp, Phone Call, SMS) prefer use Whatsapp for fast respond.

Happy holiday traveler . Enjoy your travel with us .!

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